Announcing Olympus: Lightning-enabled fiat ramps by Zap

The story

Zap has existed for over two years now. Back in the spring of 2017, while working at the only day job I’ve ever had, I started writing code for a Lightning wallet in my free time. I developed the opinion that the Lightning Network would begin to introduce a new relationship between bitcoin and its end-users. The ambitions to help translate these complex protocols in a way that would allow Lightning to be used by millions of mainstream consumers without a third party is the how and why of Zap’s inception.

The Service

Olympus was intentionally designed as a standalone component. It is not something baked into the Zap wallet itself and having a Zap wallet is not required to use the service.


Ok, time to get down and dirty into how it all ties together.

How It Works

Olympus is an external service that clients make requests to. The service is responsible for the hard parts: onboarding users, processing payments, managing market risk, streaming quotes, and delivering bitcoins.

The Future

I have big plans, and believe it or not, I still have more announcements to come over the coming months. Partnerships, more features, and more products.


Alright, everyone, I’m gonna end it here. I can’t begin to express how excited I am. Thinking back to when I first started this project, I have a really hard time believing where it is today. Thank you so much.



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