Announcing Strike Private

Jack Mallers
5 min readOct 5, 2023

Yo. Today, I’m excited to introduce Strike Private, our new service for high-net-worth individuals, businesses, family offices, and institutions.

At Strike, our mission is Better Money. Through Bitcoin, we believe we can build better financial services, better payments, better savings, better access, better equality, better money. Since Strike was founded, we’ve been focused on building a better Bitcoin experience that’s accessible to all. With Strike Private, we’re excited to expand our services to a new audience and partner with our private clients on their personal Bitcoin journey.

Strike Private is currently available for a select number of clients. We’re excited to announce the service publicly and expand access to more clients on a rolling basis. If you’re interested in a consultation, please reach out to us at

The Story

This latest crypto winter has introduced a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt into the world of Bitcoin, but it has also offered a lot of clarity. Over the last year, the world has realized FTX was not innovative but rather part of an elaborate scam, that many industry players in “crypto” may be breaking the law, and that “crypto” technology like NFTs don’t actually have product-market fit.

The world is realizing it’s Bitcoin that has the regulatory clarity, the product-market fit, the network effect, and the innovation that is now attracting institutional and HNWIs. Amid FTX’s billion-dollar fraud scandal, heightened regulatory scrutiny in the crypto market, and insolvency of U.S. banks, many have sought a trusted, reliable partner for their Bitcoin journey.

If Bitcoin is all that truly matters, who is the most trusted partner globally? Who is actively audited? Who are the real Bitcoin experts? Who has the necessary licensing? Who operates using their own technology, built in-house?

Most importantly, as the bear market continues to unfold: Who is left?

Strike is.

While a lot of the world got distracted by “blockchain” technology, we built Bitcoin technology.

While a lot of the world mishandled customer funds, we continued to hold all bitcoin on Strike 1:1.

While a lot of the world broke the law, we got licenses across the U.S. and overseas.

While a lot of the world has questioned Bitcoin, we’ve never been more bullish.

With an increased interest in Bitcoin across the industry, we began seeing high demand from businesses, family offices, and HNWIs, looking for support in navigating market events, purchasing large amounts of bitcoin, understanding bitcoin custody, and answering questions about Bitcoin technology.

Why Strike?

Since the inception of Strike, we’ve been heads down on all things Bitcoin and have emerged as a global Bitcoin leader.

We assembled a team of industry experts in engineering, security, legal, compliance, and product. We built our own infrastructure to reduce counterparty risk and offer more Bitcoin-focused services directly to customers. We continue to harden our financial, anti-money laundering, and security practices. We secured licenses across the U.S. and overseas.

This has uniquely positioned us to launch many new Bitcoin services — the latest being Strike Private — to serve a wider range of clients, and be their trusted Bitcoin partner. Our customers choose us for many reasons, including:

  • Licensing. Strike is one of the most licensed and regulated Bitcoin companies in the U.S., if not the world. As of today, we hold more U.S. money transmitter licenses than Coinbase.
  • Security. Our security team and services provide continuous monitoring of data and infrastructure. We regularly undergo third-party security assessments and penetration tests. For those interested in learning more about our data privacy, security capability, or our latest SOC 2 report, feel free to check out our Trust Portal.
  • Infrastructure & Product. Thanks to our robust regulatory and compliance framework, we are able to manage operations in-house. Whether it’s engineering, design, legal, finance, or customer support, our dedicated team is at the heart of every aspect of our customer’s experience.
  • Global access. Strike is available in over 65 countries around the world, making Bitcoin more accessible to billions of people globally.
  • Expertise. Strike has been at the forefront of driving Bitcoin’s adoption. We played a critical role in El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin. We pioneered the integration of the Lightning Network with a publicly-traded company and continue to drive adoption of the Lightning Network as open global payments infrastructure. We were the first company that partnered with professional athletes to get paid in bitcoin.

Strike Private is a reaction to many “crypto” companies not actually being Bitcoin experts.

Strike Private is a reaction to many companies not actually owning the technology and licenses they use to serve their customers.

Strike Private is a reaction to market demand and the fact that there is still not a trusted Bitcoin partner for the world.

In a world of “crypto,” you can call Strike Private for your Bitcoin needs.

How does Strike Private work?

With Strike Private, eligible clients get access to our leading Bitcoin infrastructure with no purchase limits, tailored custom pricing, and our team of Bitcoin experts. We partner with these clients on buying and selling bitcoin, Bitcoin education, Lightning Network overviews, guidance on self-custody, market analysis, and more. Whatever you need on your Bitcoin journey, Strike is your trusted, reliable, expert partner for the most significant monetary technology revolution of our lifetimes.

What’s next?

Strike started from a passion for making Bitcoin more accessible to all. We’re beyond excited to partner with a new client base that’s interested in Bitcoin and offer our tools and resources to help them grow in their journey. As we expand Strike Private, I will continue to lead the business and be closely involved in client relationships. I want to work with you to better understand exactly what you need from us as your Bitcoin partner. I’ve always been a product-focused founder and a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast. Marrying those two concepts with Strike Private has honestly been a dream and I’d love to learn more about how Strike and Bitcoin can serve you.

If you’re interested in partnering with us or learning more, all you have to do is reach out to us at


As always, thank you to the community and our customers.

Strike Private started organically with us just trying to help clients navigate Bitcoin and has since developed into a business line I love leading. I’m an orange-piller, a “Bitcoin maxi”, a “KELLY!”, a die-on-this-hill kind of guy, what can I say? It’s my honor and pleasure to leverage our licenses, tools, expertise, and resources to best serve HNWIs, businesses, family offices, and institutions that need a Bitcoin partner. I’m beyond excited to work with many of you on your Bitcoin journey in the decades to come!

Much love. Talk soon.