Announcing the Strike API

The Story

On its face, it may seem like Twitter has simply added another payment network to their Tips product. Well, that could not be more wrong. Twitter’s integration with the Strike API, Bitcoin, and the Lightning Network carries much more depth than what meets the eye. This payment network is no Paypal; it solves a problem facing internet companies and addresses one of the most outdated problems for the World Wide Web as a whole.

David with his coffee and the Starbucks barista

The Twitter Integration — How It Works

How does our integration with Twitter work? As simple as can be, of course. Let’s take a look.

Receiving instant, free, global tips on Twitter

When a Twitter user, with Tips enabled, navigates to their Tips settings, they’ll see a Bitcoin Lightning wallet section.

Setting up my Tips on Twitter
Receiving an instant, free, global tip

Sending instant, free, global tips on Twitter

What about sending a payment, instantly, over Twitter to anyone in the world? Thought you’d never ask.

What’s Next

Today, the world moves further towards migrating onto the singular monetary standard, Bitcoin. Today, one of the largest global networks on the web became interoperable with an open monetary network inclusive to all. Today, Twitter enabled instant, free, global payments for their users by utilizing Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.


Ok, everyone, that’s all I have for today. You’ll hear much more from me soon. Maybe now that we’ve announced the Strike API and launched our integration with Twitter, I can finally publicly release Pay Me In Bitcoin 😃.



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