Zap Is Here To Stay

The Story

Back in 2017, I wrote a Medium article announcing Zap, a Lightning Network wallet for the community. The driver was simple: I love Bitcoin and in the midst of a scaling war, I wanted to help Bitcoin. In order to help I decided to work on Lightning. More specifically I wanted to make Lightning relatable, usable, and easy to conceptualize. I wanted to show the world that Bitcoin was going to scale on layer two and achieve our hopes and ambitions as a community, all without the need to compromise the very characteristics that make Bitcoin valuable.


Over the years, Zap and Strike have become bigger than I ever could’ve imagined. I was a kid when I got involved with Bitcoin. I couldn’t have dreamt the seven years since. Today, I am so excited and proud to have found the investors and partners that allow me to scale Strike and Bitcoin to the world. I can’t do this alone, and now I don’t have to. We’ll be growing every aspect of the business, from the team, to the products we offer, the partners we work with, and the markets we operate in.


I’m pretty speechless. It’s an emotional day for me. I joined this community when I was 18. While my childhood friends were rushing fraternities and tailgating at university, I was on r/Bitcoin shitposting big blockers. You all helped raise me. This is my alma mater.



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